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Cascades July 9-10-11, 2010 (22 photos)

Pictures from Evans Creek, Naches Trail etc.
Deer Collision June 19, 2010 (9 photos)

I hit a deer on Hwy 410 south of Greenwater, WA. As I was riding along at about 60 MPH, the deer jumped in front of me. I didn't have time to break. After the collision, the motorcycle wobbled wildly, but I was able to keep it upright. I was lucky, it only caused minor damage to my KLR650.
Gifford Pinchot NF Elbe Area June 12, 2010 (28 photos)

Ride in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest southeast of Elbe.
Wenatchee National Forest Ride May 27, 2010 (15 photos)

Ride in the Wenatchee NF.
Gifford Pinchot National Forest May 15, 2010 (18 photos)

Vantage Area Ride May 1, 2010 (15 photos)

Desert ride above the Columbia River outside of Vantage, Wa with Dave, Dennis, and Dan.
North Cascades Highway April 17, 2010 (6 photos)

Group ride over the North Cascades Highway the day after it opened.
Desert 100 April 10, 2010 (22 photos)

A few pictures for the 2010 Desert 100 family poker run. Odessa, WA.
North Cascades Ride March 24, 2010 (9 photos)

Forest roads off of the Mountain Loop Highway near Granite Falls, Wa.
Cascades March 3, 2010 (3 photos)

Snow on NF70
Evans Creek Feb 28, 2010 (32 photos)

Group ride to the Evans Creek OHV area near Mt. Rainier.
Olympic National Forest Feb 21, 2010 (7 photos)

Ride in the Olympic National Forest out of Quilcene.
Saddle Mt. Feb 14, 2010 (18 photos)

Saddle Mountain area ride with Dan. Mattawa, WA.
Olympic National Forest Feb 6, 2010 (19 photos)

Ride down NF 23 in the Olympic National Forest with Dan and Dave.
Gifford Pinchot Sept 25,2009 (31 photos)

Ride to Horseshoe Lake, Takhlaka Lake, and Green Mountion in the Gifford Pinchot National Forest.
Lake Chalan Ride Sept 19-20, 2009 (58 photos)

Ride from Index to Lake Chelan via Lake Wenatchee and various forest roads with Dan and Dennis.
Cascades Sept 17, 2009 (4 photos)

Views of Mt. Rainer for NF7030
Lolo Motorway Sept 5-7, 209 (31 photos)

Ride from Kent to Missoula, MT returning via the Lolo Motorway.
Olympic National Forest Aug 23, 2009 (29 photos)

Ride in the Olympic National Forest west of Port Angels with Dave, Red and Dennis.
Greenwater Area July 11, 2009 (17 photos)

Ride to Lonesome Lake and Suntop Lookout
Snoqualmie Pass July 9, 2009 (26 photos)

Snoqualmie Pass area ride
Bethel Ridge Road June 27, 2009 (33 photos)

Ride in the Wenatchee National Forest on NF1500 from Nile on Hwy 410 to Hwy 12.
Cascade Ride June 23, 2009 (25 photos)

Ride from Greenwater to Cliffdel to I-90.
Wenatchee National Forest May 22-25, 2009 (19 photos)

Camping trip to the Wenatchee National Forest Southeast of Cle Elum with Brian and Melissa.
Evans Creek Area May 12, 2009 (15 photos)

Ride up WA 165 to the Evans Creek area. It was sunny when I left Kent, but was snowwing at Evans Creek.
Randle April 18, 2009 (31 photos)

Ride in the Gifford Pinchot Natonal Forest, Randle WA.
Skagit Ride April 5, 3009 (22 photos)

Skagit Dual Sport Ride
Neah Bay April 5, 2009 (22 photos)

Ride to Neah Bay with Dave and Greg
Machias March 21, 2008 (13 photos)

Machias State Trust Land Ride
Walker Valley ORV Area Ride Feb , 2009 (66 photos)

Olympic Peninsula Jan 9, 2009 (14 photos)

Olympic National Forest ride with Brian and Paul
Olympic Peninsula Nov 23, 2008 (54 photos)

Olympic National Forest ride out of Quilcene
Cascades Ride out of Arlington Nov 16, 2008 (51 photos)

Ride out of Arlington
Evans Creek Ride Nov 2, 2008 (24 photos)

Evans Creek OHV Area Ride
Cle Elum Area Nov 1, 2008 (18 photos)

Ride to Lake Kachess, Lake Cle Elum, Roslyn, Ronald, and Red Mountain.
Cascades Naches Pass, Little Bald Mountain Oct 25, 2008 (42 photos)

Ride from Enumclaw to Cliffdell via Naches Pass. Side trip to Little Bald Mountain.
Mt. Rainer Ride Oct 11, 2008 (116 photos)

Ride around Mt. Rainier National Park.
Mt. Baker Ride Sept 28, 2008 (21 photos)

Ride to the Mt. Baker area. Twin lakes road.
Naches Trail, Raven's Roost Aug 23, 2008 (43 photos)

Ride from Enumclaw to Naches Pass, Raven's Roost, and Cliffdell.
Colocklum Pass, Liberty - Beehive Road Aug 2, 2008 (52 photos)

Colocklum Pass and Liberty Beehive road ride with Glen and Santiago.
Lion Rock, Liberty-Beehive Road July 27, 2008 (44 photos)

Ride with Thurston, Steve, Bob, and Colleen to the Wenatchee National Forest area near Blewett Pass.
Naches Pass July 26, 2008 (15 photos)

Afternoon ride over Naches Pass on the Naches Trail.
Lake Wenatchee July 20, 2008 (16 photos)

Ride to Lake Wenatchee and Sugarloaf Mountain Look Out. I forgot my good camera, so these pictures were taken with my cell phone.
Evans Creek OHV Area June 28, 2008 (10 photos)

Ride to the Evans Creek OHV area. Views of Mt. Rainier.
Greenwater Area and Chinook Pass June 8, 2008 (29 photos)

Exploring forest roads in the Greenwater area and Chinook Pass with Lanie and Jon.
Lake Wynoochee June 1, 2008 (39 photos)

Ride from Shelton to Lake Wynoochee
Olympic National Forest May 25, 2008 (36 photos)

Ride out of Quilcene on National Forest roads and trails.
Olympic Penisula May 18, 2008 (25 photos)

Ride on Olympic National Forest roads in the Quilcene area.
Ellensburg May 10-11, 2008 (57 photos)

Ride to Ellensburg, WA area to meets the other riders on the ADV ride toward Alaska trip in June.
Hurricane Ridge April 26, 2008 (23 photos)

Ride to Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National Park and to Cresent Lake